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DIY December - The struggle is real but meaningful

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Grasping meaning is something i think the majority of us have struggled with at some point or another.

Even if you know what you enjoy doing, is it what you should be doing? Does it have a point? It's kinda easy to get swept up in a sea of meaninglessness if you haven't ever really defined it for yourself.

For many a year I've wanted to read, 'man's search for meaning' by Viktor Frankl and just kept putting it off. Finally this week I read it. Partly due to my DIY plans and partly because I felt ready to.

It was harrowing and I had to put it down multiple times to be able to cope and comprehend some of the images and scenes described. As I read it the skies outside my window echoed the greyness described and I felt this wash of appreciation course through me as I saw the beautiful colours in my own room. This feeling and the book as a whole was so powerful that immediately I understand why so many people talk with reverence about this book. Why it really does make a difference to your life and how it helps you define or see the potential for where meaning lies.

On reading this it feels like a call to responsibility to search our souls and see the meaning in our own lives no matter the circumstances. To understand that the meaning in one's life can change and come through different things; through work, through love, through our attitude to suffering . To try and reach for a higher state of being where we are not just simply being but actualising our full potentials and living our highest good.

It is beyond worth reading for so many reasons.

If you are searching for meaning, find yourself in a loop of questions or confusion or you would like a greater understanding of someone's perspective who lived through the unimaginable and still found meaning then i'd urge you to read this.

I hope that you live your life filled with meaning and love

Naomi Leila


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