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Hello World :)

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

My first blog post!

I am a singer-songwriter as you may or may not know. Not much of an actual writer-writer but I will try to make my thoughts as coherent as possible. Now to begin....

Music is my essence. I believe in some ways it ties life together. Music can communicate through all barriers. We can relate to the feelings even if we don't fully understand. One note strikes and our souls alight. We tap into another's thoughts and feelings, their essence.

I believe we should try to relate this back to our general lives and see that peoples essences are different. The way in which we approach people should be the same as the way we approach new music; with an open mind. To realise that apart from the physical structure they differ entirely from us. People have experiences and personalities which are unique to them. Sometimes we can relate and agree other times we may not. The main lesson we should take is to be able to say this isn't for me but you can enjoy this your music, your perspective if this is what relates to you.

As long as we are not blasting our opinions so loudly that it disturbs our neighbours or our environment and the only one our opinions or our music affects is ourselves, is there really a problem? We never have to hear someone else's music if we don't want to so why do we need to judge it?

All my love

Naomi Leila xx

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