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Birthday Deals and Discounts

Birthdays are something we all have. No matter if you love or hate them, there is a way that we can enjoy them (or the time around them) more. We can never entirely control what happens on our birthdays, but we can enjoy all the free treats that are available to us at that time of year.

There are so many companies that give out Birthday freebies, treats, vouchers and discounts and it's truly amazing how blessed we are to live in a world where so many people will give out free goods, just to inspire you to shop there more.

Every year I have a semi-tradition to go freebie shopping around my Birthday and it is always so much fun to have a guilt-free shopping trip. Sometimes I do splurge a bit but irregardless of my income I know I will have fun because I think we can all agree free things pretty-much always rock.

Here is my list that I have collated over the years of some great goodies you can get


  • Asos - 10% off

  • CultBeauty - 15% off

  • Accessorize - 20% off

  • H&M - 25% off one item of choice

  • Hollister - double points and 20% off a purchase of £75 or more

  • Tarte cosmetics - 20% off

  • Swarsovski - 15% off

  • Sports direct - £5 off your order when you spend £20

  • Musicnotes - 20% off

  • Ikrush - 20% off

  • Newlook - 20% off

  • Gap - 50% off with the app

  • shopDisney - 15% off

£5 Vouchers:

  • Paperchase

  • Liberty

  • The Body Shop

  • HobbyCraft

  • Ikea

Free Gifts

  • Space Nk - give away a small mini beauty goodie bag which includes: travel size item and a load of mini samples. Last year I got IGK beach volumising hair texture spray which is good but I never really use it. But this year I got an amazing product, the 'Queen of Hungary Mist' by Omorvicza. I've lusted over this for years and would never have dreamt of purchasing it because it's so expensive and was amazed when they gave me a travel size version of this! I couldn't believe how fantastic it was that they give away things like this! This makes SpackeNK a must to go to.

I hope you enjoy this list.

May you all have many happy birthdays!

Much Love

Naomi Leila Xx

p.s. I am a Uk citizen and don't know if these codes will work in other countries. But it's worth a try to see if they do.

p.p.s. Most companies want you to have signed up at least a minimum of 30 days before your birthday to be able to qualify for these rewards. So make sure you sign up well in advance of your Birthday to benefit.

p.p.p.s Please let me know of any other discounts you know of. I would love to know of more and will update this post with them and every year so that it stays up-to-date

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