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The trick to happiness :)

Updated: May 9, 2021

Recently, I've been caught up in the sound quality of my music. Obsessing over the fact I cannot afford recording equipment or programs to make the sound better. It's been eating away at me. People's comments of the recording quality add to my unease and drags my mood down. Despite the fact that there are many positive comments I focus on the negative; what I don't have because to me it appears that everyone seriously trying to make it in the music industry has the right equipment.

But this is such a warped way of thinking! In reality I am blessed, blessed to even have people caring enough to comment. Let alone give me specific feedback on how to improve the quality.

I forgot that what's important is not in fact the quality but the essence. The music's soul.

We live in a world (western) where from the outside everything is perfect. Not one wrong note. The newspapers gloss over people's faults and present us with what should be ideal. I'm not saying we should aim for less than perfection but when falling short we should not be unhappy. The progress is what should make us happy.

I realised that if I got so wrapped up in the quality (something that at present is not within my control) I will never be happy. There will always be factors in our lives outside our control something we wish we could have, achieve. The fact is that we live in an immediate world where we can get information at the click of the a button. We get distressed if a few seconds pass and what we want has not come. We forget that there is beauty in the progression. That waiting can give us a time to breathe before everything comes flooding in. If we get what we want immediately there is a possibility that we will not appreciate what we have because we did not work for it or there will be system overload where we can't cope with what we actually wanted because it happened too fast.

The secret to happiness is to realise that where you are, what you have is enough and will enable you to get where you want to be.

All my love

Naomi Leila :) xx

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