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Can't Controls

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

There are things that are completely outside our limits and capabilities. Such as the weather, what others say & do, time, traffic etc etc...

This is the first layer of thinking about what we can't control. We can prepare for certain things like having a spare pen in our bags in case our pen runs out. But what happens if they both run out. The unexpected happens we get locked out and our phone dies. We can choose to get upset about either of these situations or we can realise that once it's happened it's outside our control and we can focus on ways around the problem that we have (I know you're thinking this is similar to the last post but bare with me :)

This is true in so many walks of life and it helps us to realise that ultimately we are limited but what makes mankind so wonderful is the way we work with our limitations to create and to solve. There's a famous idea that if you give an artist all the equipment in the world he'll come up with nothing or a disaster. Limit the artist's choices of equipment and he'll come up with a masterpiece. It is our limitations that allow us to be remarkable

All my love

Naomi Leila  :) xx

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