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How to grow the most?

Growth is always occurring. We may not always be conscious of it, but it is happening. Just like a forest does not need to be tended to in order to grow, we do not need anything in order to make us grow. It is a natural phenomenon of life. But how much we grow and how beautiful we make our forest is down to us.

If a forest has the right conditions it can flourish exquisitely. A forest needs sunlight, water and nutrients to thrive. The better the conditions are the more the trees can grow. We also need the right conditions to grow. We need to be nurtured and act wisely, giving ourselves all the basics like; proper sleep, exercise and healthy food. These will only fuel us further and enrich our forest. When we give ourselves the things our bodies, hearts and minds need, only then can we have space to branch out of our comfort zones and expand ourselves the most. As we branch out and explore foreign paths, it can often feel strange, but it is that step that will take us to the highest heights.

Most people do not have the will-power alone to push themselves further. Often, it is only as a result of having the right environment and (most importantly) a reason bigger than yourself to want to grow. The reason is like sunlight, it lights your soul and guides you through the darker parts of the forest, the hard times and inevitable pitfalls. A strong enough reason will allow you to face all the of the difficulties, which will inevitably come your way. Sometimes when the forest becomes really vast, or a particular plant is unwieldy, we need to employ another person to help us uncover more land to grow and make sure that everything is still being tended well. We are not G-d, we cannot look after the whole world. We are limitless and there is beauty in that. For when we entrust tasks to others we give them a great gift, growth.

All growth though takes time. When you plant a seed don't expect a forest to grow overnight. Be patient with your progress and enjoy the journey and discoveries you make along the way. There is beauty in the first buds that appear, as well as the glorious flowers.

Overworking your forest can also be destructive. Don't think you can overwork and not face consequences. The different aspects of your life need to be carefully balanced in order not to weigh down too heavily and topple the scales completely. There will be moments in life that it is necessary to balance a few more weights in one area of your life than another. But these moments should only be temporary. For the most part, we should always be striving for balance. Without it we risk ending up on the floor, overwhelmed and overworked, mourning our once flourishing forest.

As the forest flowers and expands we have a tremendous opportunity. The opportunity to share our hard labour and let others enjoy it. It is important to share our gifts with the world. In sharing we inspire others to grow and reach their potentials. However, when we give of ourselves and our labour it is important not to let people take so much that there is nothing left for us. It is even more important to never let people in who only seek to hack the forest down.

I wish you luck in finding the right components to make your own forests beautiful. May you always appreciate growth and the work of your labour.

Much Love

Naomi Leila Xx

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