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This time better

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Everything gone! 2 pages of writing completely and ridiculously not saved..... In this moment perhaps you're thinking of how this may have happened to you and feeling that frustration remembering times where you perhaps forgot to save or somehow lost your work. This has happened to me soooooooo many countless times and I am learning to be better at preventing it but honestly there's always another reason I lose my work or something happens and it's gone for good.

Every-time, in the past, I used to go down into a meltdown and blame myself endlessly for being so careless and stupid and get very upset and frustrated. But today I didn't. I felt the wave of frustration and self pity trying to grab me and pull me down but I fought it. Why? Because I felt that for some reason, maybe divine, maybe coincidence, who knows, there was a reason it's gone. I thought to myself, perhaps it wasn't even as good as I remembered it to be. Perhaps this is a sublime opportunity to create something even better and more worthwhile than I had done. And just with this one thought I felt lighter. I let go of the possibility of retrieving it and entered the realm of potential and that's exciting.

Reframing our minds in the face of negativity is what makes us grow and be ultimately happier.

So yes I lost my work but what I gained is so much more beautiful, I learned a way to look at the world and my situation in a more positive light.

It is a practice I am still working on but every-time this negative energy rises in me.. I now try to think to myself what if I flip this situation? What if there's a reason for this? What if this negative event actually may lead to something positive? What if there is something I need to learn in this moment that is crucial for my growth and for potentially helping others in the future?

In this way negative events (although they may still eat away at us and make us sad) may become that much lighter and bring happiness and peace of mind to you in the end.

With much love and well wishes

Naomi Leila



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