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Release your Inner Child

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Stickers. So small and oh so quite worthless creates smiles on so many people's faces.

I say people not children because most everyone's experienced that random sticker someone gave you randomly in the street, looked down and smiled.... perhaps in confusion but nonetheless smiling.

Alright maybe this is not your experience.

But just this small act of engaging in a relatively childish endeavour makes us see small things as fun and cheerful or even if we see how much pleasure children get from them we feel happy too. This can be expanded into so many things;.

Jumping in a puddle... blowing bubbles.... dancing for the sake of it in your house... or out town (depends how daring you wanna be)... making funny faces..... generally just being goofy on any level .

All great weird wonderful fun childish things.

We don't need to constantly constrict ourselves to being in an adult state. It's an amazing feeling to engage in 'play' it lets you be more creative, find more solutions, see the positive in negative situations and generally see life in a better way.

Of course there is a time and place for being 'adult' but honestly I find it's a heck of a lot more fun to engage in being silly and a bit childish most of the time and putting on that 'adult state' only when completely essential.

Even it's bills or paperwork there's always a way to make it that bit more fun.... perhaps you could use a funky pen or play your favourite song once it's finished and goof off to it or you could maybe even reward yourself with a sticker ;) Whatever it is if it's a bit fun or just plain ridiculous do it. Why not? If it makes you that little bit extra happy it's completely worth it.

Love and silliness




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