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Lucky Ducky <3

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

'Oh what a lucky duck, I never catch a break!’

’Why does life never ever go right for me!’

‘I guess some people have all the luck.’

How many times do you hear people say phrases like these?

Scattered amongst our thoughts and throughout our lives we are bombarded by such sentiments. We think we are either fortunate or unfortunate, cursed or blessed, lucky or unlucky. We unknowingly place ourselves in categories depending on our past experiences and our present emotions. Luck however is not something we are either born with or not or chance upon fleetingly but something we can cultivate and bring more to our lives intentionally.

Having gone through Vanessa Van Edwards, ‘ The power of happiness’ course she explains how by focusing and writing out all the times we are lucky and repeatedly affirming to ourselves we are lucky we can bring more luck into our lives and thus create more joy and happiness in our lives. I was incredibly sceptical when I first heard this and thought there is no way just by focusing on it could I make anything happen. I thought luck was a blessing given to you sometimes by G-d. But I decided there is never any harm in trying something essentially positive so why not give this wacky idea a go.

So I wrote out my list of all the times I’ve been lucky and the more I wrote down the more blessed and lucky I felt. Then I walked around my room tidying up and saying I’m lucky, I’m lucky, I’m lucky… checked my emails literally about an hour later and BAM!!! I had the opportunity of winning £100 from Liberty’s because I had signed up months previous to do reviews. I was literally shocked and thought, ‘this cannot be real’ so I sceptically but eagerlly signed up and went through the steps thinking I’m not going to be disappointed if this isn’t true because what are the odds? But after doing all the steps and going to the store I found out this was completely true, I had in fact won £100!!!! Now yes this could be a coincidence but I felt energetically something in me had shifted when I wrote that list down and said I’m lucky and it really felt like this emotional shift had created and allowed the ripple of luck to enter my life.

But of course there was still a little part of me that thought this really is sheer coincidence so I thought let’s try this experiment again and say I’m lucky and focus on it. The next day my computer glitched on a purchase I was ordering and I received £20 off my order!

I could no longer call these coincidences anymore It truly was my positive mindset shift that allowed luck to flow into my life. I still think they are of course blessings and gifts from G-d but I truly feel that the more gratitude and focus you have for the lucky moments in your life the more you can attract more luck into your life.

Will bad and unlucky things still happen to you if you think like this? Of course they will they are part of life and help us learn and grow but when we focus on cultivating more luck in our life we can allow fortune to enter and become that Lucky Ducky!

I hope you can find that pocket within you to find and create more luck in your lives

Lots of love and luck to you



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