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Patiently impatient

"Patience is a virtue."

We've all heard this old adage countless times by now. And whilst there is great truth in this statement there is also a fine line where you can be too patient in respect with some areas of life. Controversial perhaps but bear with me.

Patience is a beautiful quality. We can not rush some elements of life. If we plant a tree the only thing that will make it grow is the right care, attention and environment. There is nothing we can do but be patient and respect that the growth of the tree will take as long as it takes. When we take care to have extra patience with people, they can feel it and often it can create a stronger connection and deeper levels of respect between two people. For example, a student is really struggling with a specific problem, they are getting really frustrated at the problem and themselves, if we get impatient that they don't understand and push them, they are likely to get more frustrated and upset. However, if we take the time to gently explain the concept again and try all different ways to help them understand and solve the problem in a kind, patient manner, explaining that sometimes it just takes time but they'll understand it eventually. They will appreciate this and leave the lesson happy and satisfied, either with having resolved said problem or with some hope that understanding it is within their grasp.

Thus, is the nature and power of patience with regards to some aspects of life.

On the flip side, we have impatience. Patience's underrated sibling. Where on earth could there be the value in impatience? Most of us have always been told to be more patient not less! I argue that impatience has great importance with regards to achieving anything in life. If we have that edge of impatience and insistence that we want things to happen faster we can achieve more in the long run. Even when it comes to medial tasks, if we have an edge of impatience with them we can finish them faster and have more time for the things we love doing. If we have an edge of impatience with our goals and ourselves we can push ourselves past our own limitations and self-defeating beliefs. Sometimes we just need an impatient push with ourselves to just get on with things and do it, to stop waiting around for things to naturally happen. There is patience and then there is delusion. If we are too patient with ourselves and our lives, we risk not ever getting out of our own shells. You can not patiently wait to jump. It will not happen by itself. You need to be impatient with yourself and take the leap before you're ready because it is only when we feel uncomfortable that we can find the most growth.

The trick to life is to find the balance and become a patiently impatient person. That we use these two equally worthy qualities at the right times is essential for our own and others happiness and satisfaction levels.

I hope you find your own happy balance between these two qualities in every aspect of life.

Lots of love

Naomi Leila Xxx

p.s. I'm intrigued to know which areas of life you feel require patience and which require impatience? Please let me know in the comments below and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can:)

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