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Who do you side with?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

In our heads there is a constant babble of thoughts. Neutral, positive, negative, barmy, boring, erratic ridiculous, helpful thoughts. It is no wonder we are often in states of confusion, feel pulled in different directions and become overwhelmed. Listen to your thoughts long enough and you will realise how conflicted and crazy your thoughts are. If we sit back for a moment and listen, for the most part we can see there is a divide in us; our thoughts are in a constant battle between our good inclinations and our bad inclinations (a concept in the Jewish religion known as Yetzer Tov and Yetzer HaRa).

It is always our choice which we lean towards. Which thought trail we decide to follow can be the difference between achieving our wildest dreams, living in abundance, creating beautiful harmonious relationships and falling into depression, loneliness and leading an unfulfilled life. We have a responsibility to ourselves and our loved ones to try to grab onto the light that flows through our lives and our thoughts, to try to steer ourselves back to what we can be grateful for in life, in ourselves and in others. Finding this can be the difference between everything. If we try to differentiate our thoughts into what our highest and future selves would be proud of life will begin to flow more joyously for us.

Both sides will always exist and there will always be temptations but it is up to us to decide when I die do I want to proud of the life I have led and of the relationships I have built or do I want to die never having truly lived with fractured friendships that can never be put right? If we can decipher between our inclinations and choose the good we will ultimately feel better and create positive spirals in our lives that will only serve to benefit us and the world in general.

However, sometimes the lines between what is right and wrong is unclear, we cannot find any rays of light to grab onto and we feel completely lost in our bombarding thoughts. This is when we really need to pause and remember that we are in fact not our thoughts. The fact that we are aware of our thoughts means that we are separate from them ( a concept taught in the book the Untethered Soul by Michael Singer) Our souls are the observer of our thoughts and it here where our intuition and inner wisdom lies. This is where we can find our peace from the constant war in our minds. Where amongst the confusion an answer may be found without a battle of questions and opinions. Here we can get to grips with our truth to find the answer that will bring the highest good for everyone.

Seeking help and broadening our perspectives can be incredibly helpful. We should always remember to try to stay humble that we don't know everything and that people can help us. But when faced with choices in life, we should try to remember that we have these inclinations and that we have the power within us to separate ourselves from our thoughts and find the answer.

Wishing you ease and satisfaction with all your choices in life

Lots of Love

Naomi Leila

Xxx :)

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