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Change your mind, change your life

In life sometimes we hit a roadblock where we become frustrated with our circumstances or ourselves. We might feel stuck or in a perpetual cycle that we can't seem to break. We might even come to feel sorry for ourselves and our so called 'luck' at life. But these challenges we face, no matter how bleak or repetitive they may be, have a purpose for being in our lives.

These challenges are calls to action. If we are unhappy with our lot there are two main things that we must remember: 1. it is a matter of perspective. Our perspectives can be unhealthy or detrimental and it is up to us to challenge ourselves and think how can we possibly have more gratitude, even if it seems really bleak right now. Is there something even as simple as the beauty of a new budding flower that we could possibly take pleasure in? Maybe it is not possible in our present

circumstances. It could truly be that tough but if we urge ourselves to try to find that shred of thankfulness we may start to begin to feel better and change. One way to challenge your perspective and start seeing things differently is to either (if you have the opportunity) go to an art gallery or to look up a painting online. Look at it from multiple angles and observe the differences. This technique is a great way to expand your mind, help you see things differently and take a moment to take pleasure in beauty.

2. There are only two ways that things change:

one) Something new comes into your life or

two) Something new comes from within.

We can wait around and hope that something new comes into our lives. We can pray for it and pray for it but sometimes our field of vision is so narrow because of our mindset that even if it comes in to our lives we may never even notice it has come. Worse still, perhaps when it comes we may clutch it too tight that we lose it because of our own sabotaging and negative thoughts. Sometimes we might get lucky notice the change, grab hold of the opportunity and never take it for granted. This could happen...miracles do happen but I think it more beneficial to try and help ourselves with action, to co-create the miracles that occur in our lives.

We must change if we want things to truly change in our lives. We must take a step forward everyday to be better and do better than we did yesterday. We cannot control everything that is in our lives. Therefore, we must recognise what we can control and what we can do to work on ourselves and our present situation. One thing that we certainly can control, albeit it is challenging, is our thoughts. We can work to find peace from our thoughts, to shred our egos and improve our minds, to improve how we hold ourselves, how we talk and how we show up. Our character and our being are in our control, we can work on ourselves. Create the change you wish to see within and we may see life through a completely different prism of light.

I hope that you can always see the blessings in your life and I hope that the blessings in your lives always increase tenfold.

Much Love

Naomi Leila


P.s. I feel that John Mayer's song, 'New light' somehow fits with the feeling of this blog so here's a link if you would like to listen:

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