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Happiness vs. Pride 

Whilst we all want to achieve a state of blissful happiness as much as humanly possible this is not realistic and not as beneficial as we think.

Happiness is a beautiful emotion but if we only ever chase happiness we will not in the long term feel fulfilled and ultimately be happy and satisfied in our life choices. We should rather look at our decisions based on three factors, will this bring me long term life satisfaction? Do i need this burst of temporary happiness to fuel me? And what will make me more proud?

Obviously we should not be doing everything that makes us miserable and we should try to do what makes us feel joyful. But somethings that are integral for our mission we will not find so enjoyable and that is inevitable. We can try and make them more enjoyable through time. But the initial push of some things like administration or some elements of your work will not be fun and happy inducing and that's more than ok. And what's important is actually pushing through that and doing it despite it's tedium. Because this is what will make you feel proud and more self satisfied when you look at your life.

It is also important from a moment to moment basis and in our relationships. Temporarily it will maybe make us happy to leave our chores but in the long term we will not be proud of the state our house becomes in and we will not be proud of the decision to procrastinate. In our relationships it might make us temporarily happy to try to win an argument but will it make us proud that we didn't give their side and opinions as much of a chance as our own?

It is up to you to decide what kind of life you want to live.

Wishing you longterm life satisfaction and pride in all your decisions.

Lots of Love

Naomi Leila


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