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Mirror Image

We attract that which we are. Whatever we are seeking in life and from others we must first seek to find in ourselves. It is unrealistic to hope for finding something that which we do not already possess ourselves.

Let's say we want to have happier, upbeat interactions with friends and family. We wonder why everyone is always so negative and so grouchy? But in truth we must seek to find why are we perceiving everyone as so negative? Are we in truth that much better? Are we truly being as positive and upbeat as we could be in our own interactions? Maybe there could be one or two people that may be grouchy and you truly are upbeat with everyone but is it realistic that everyone around you is negative all the time? It is highly unlikely. A shift in perspective inwards can help to make you less judgemental of those around you and attract more of what you wish for. If we work on our own happiness and try to be more upbeat with our interactions in time we may find that we attract more happy interactions with others. This example could be applied to any area of your life be it spiritual or physical. But the key is to always work within first.

Perhaps, it is even fair to say that we cannot expect from others that which we do not give ourselves. And more so it is perhaps folly to expect something from others when we do not lead by example. Maybe we want our friends to spend more time with us or to listen more. We must begin to question this desire and ask ourselves if we are giving ourselves time in the day? Are we listening to our own thoughts or do we just plow through each day completely detached from our souls? Do we honestly take the time to listen intently to others? Are we being as present as we could be? If all these answers are yes, than I urge you to look deeper and see if you could do more. How could you listen more attentively than you already are? How could you give yourself and others more time? Once we have truly fulfilled our own needs and led by example than we will feel more fulfilled internally and attract more of what we already are displaying.

Sometimes we do need to communicate with others as well as do the work internally. It can help to discuss what we feel and make it clear what we wish for. However, there should never be judgement of another person when we have these conversations because if we are honest with ourselves than we will realise that we too have been lacking in that which we seek, at some point or another too.

The more we do internal work, the more abundantly we can live. As we seek, so too shall we find.

It is up to us to make the choice of what we want in our lives. After we make that choice it is up to us to work at it and share that desire with ourselves and with others.

I hope you find more abundance within yourself and with your life

Much Love

Naomi Leila Xx

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