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Pay attention to your needs

Throughout the day our attention is often grabbed by our desires. Desires of things that are important and will expand us and desires of frivolous things that have no consequence and sometimes may be detrimental to us. How do we determine what is important and what we should be focused on?

It occurred to me late one night when I was flitting between many different desires and couldn't make up my mind which I wanted to do more, that what I wanted wasn't necessarily the most important thing. What I needed was far more pressing and being ignored. My desires were out-shadowing my needs so much that I hadn't been able to sense the simple thing (sleep) that would help me more than spending an indecisive hour flitting between different things. This made me realise that perhaps there are more times throughout the day that I simply am doing more of what I want rather than what I need.

By asking yourself what do you need, throughout the day, it can snap you out of potential bad decisions and uses of time. Engaging this question in a deeper way and figuring out what our priorities are to ourselves is an act of the purest self-love. And as our lives become more aligned with better intentions and our time gets spent in more beneficial ways it can help build our self worth and confidence.

What we want may not necessarily be out of line with what we need but we should try to assess if we really do need what we think we want. Is there something that perhaps we may be neglecting, that could be more important or beneficial to us? What would satisfy our souls more? What would be the best thing to focus on right now? These questions are all important. It takes a few seconds to be reflective about what we are doing in order to achieve a better outcome and lifestyle.

Sometimes our desires need to be satisfied and that's ok but if we can prioritise our needs over our desires, more often than not, it will surely lead to a more fulfilled and satisfying life.

I hope that you can find a good balance with your own desires and needs

Much Love

Naomi Leila Xx

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