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The Grey Areas

In 1940, France had surrendered to Germany and the only thing that lay between Britain and the Nazis was the English Channel. One of the most heart breaking, momentous decisions Churchill ever had to make was to choose between hoping that the Nazis wouldn't gain access to the French fleet and destroying the Nazi's chance at seizing the ships. He chose to fire on the ships and 1300 French sailors (former allies) died as a result and Hitler's threat to invade Britain was avoided. If that hadn't happened it is possible we would have lost the war and the world would look very different today.

It is a harrowing decision that Churchill made, as effective as it may have been. There is no way of knowing what the right decision was to make in that moment was. If he hadn't made that decision perhaps there would be a miracle and the Nazis wouldn't have seized the ships. But that is impossible to know and the chances of that were incredibly slim. Some would consider the miracle to be that Churchill made that decision, whilst other people will feel that no matter what he shouldn't have killed innocent people who were his allies. We will all view this decision in different ways. The answer was not clear cut as to what was the most moral path to take.

Luckily for most of us we will never have to face such a difficult decision. But there are times in our lives where there really is no right or good choice. That’s part of life. We need to accept and work with what is, rather than what we wish our options to be. If we look around and try our best, we can often find another alternative way, but sometimes we are left with only bad options.

It is important here to remember this because when we look at our lives and decisions ,we need to be fair to ourselves and see that sometimes we didn't have a good choice to make and we did the best with what we could at the time. We need to learn to appreciate this and judge ourselves and other people favourably, realise that people can only do the best with what they have. It is only possible to do our best and to do what aligns with us. We can only ever seek to try and be better and hope that what we do is right. If we make mistakes (which we will do intentionally and accidentally) learn from it, try your best to never repeat that mistake and forgive yourself.

Most options are not black and white. We are forever choosing between hues of grey.

I hope that you find the clearest grey and feel at peace with the decisions that you make in your life, no matter what they may be.

Much Love

Naomi Leila Xx

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