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The value in what you're avoiding

There are many things that we put off; important, unimportant, challenging, easy etc. We can find a way to avoid anything and everything. It is natural for us to pick the easier options to do, but it is often not what is best for us.

After many months of avoiding a heart-opening, backbend, yoga challenge, I decided to stop avoiding it and just practice it. Through my week of this challenge, I discovered how beneficial and worthwhile it was to stop avoiding it and do it. It helped me reach new places in my yoga practice that I hadn't gone to before and left me

feeling more empowered. But even more impressively, it taught me how much growth we can achieve, by doing the things that we are avoiding doing. The more challenging a task is, the more growth we will be able to obtain from it. Somethings are ridiculously hard, sometimes we need to build up to the challenge, but sometimes if we attempt hard tasks we can achieve more growth and learn new skills. We need to figure out what we are avoiding doing and why because these are the aspects in our lives that are usually the most important for our growth.

Once we have figured out what we are avoiding it is up to us to quickly rip off the bandage, stop procrastinating and push ourselves against the inevitable resistance that comes with the task.

Sometimes when we are in the middle of a challenging task we want to give up and leave it but this is the moment where growth happens. That is the moment we need to lean in to. We need to breathe deeply, imagine accomplishing it and carry on pushing through it. The more we can do what we are avoiding the stronger our will becomes.

There are so many beautiful things that we miss because we give ourselves so many excuses why we should wait to do them. Sometimes the excuses are really valid reasons but no matter if it's an excuse or a valid reason, we are still putting off what could be so beneficial to us. We should try to make the time for the things that we are avoiding because they will often be the things in life that will give us the most pleasure.

Don't wait. Start today. Make a stop waiting to-do list. Find out what you're avoiding, do it and you may discover a real treasure.

I wish you much luck in your fight against resistance. I hope that you find the strength to do what you are avoiding and that you find the beauty in it.

Much Love

Naomi Leila Xx

p.s. What is an example of something you've been avoiding that could give you pleasure if you did it?

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