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Why write a blog

Blogging is a form like no other. It is a place where you can tie up your thoughts and form your point of view. A place which enables you to clarify what you truly feel and fill the gaps in your mind.

When you write on a blog, because you know it's going to be shared, it enables you to write more articulately and develop your writing style. Unlike a journal, where nonsensical emotions and feelings are released, your views and feelings need to be focused on one central topic. This helps you organise your thoughts and grow through the process. Especially, as sometimes, through the process of writing a blog, you can reach a different conclusion, or particular stance, then you would have otherwise.

Researching for a blog can be particularly beneficial to your growth, because as you are exposed to more ideas and views, you can start to form more complex views and have a more nuanced approach on different matters. Through research you can become much more familiar and knowledgeable on different topics. This can help you become a more rounded, thoughtful individual and enable you to express yourself better when interacting with others.

When you're in a trough and you need a pick me up, you can go back to your past blogs and use the knowledge that you have within to help muster your courage to face life again. It can be incredibly helpful to realise that you have overcome challenges before and give you a confidence boost to see that you know the answer (you just may have temporarily forgotten). In the face of difficulty seeing a platform where you have shared your dedication and commitment can help you recenter, feel the mounting wins and recommit yourself.

Through the process of committing yourself to writing you can build your character. When you dedicate yourself to sharing your thoughts on a regular basis, you can become more self-motivated, disciplined and focused. This is even more beneficial if you are introverted and have a hard time expressing yourself, or speaking up. There is often a ripple effect of confidence that gets built when you take the first step to share your ideas. Once you start sharing your views, through writing, it starts to feel so much easier to speak your views aloud, in any company.

Through sharing your blog you can also help others. Everyone is unique and each person's life is different. The more we can learn from each other, the more we can become a better collective whole. The sooner we can learn to stop making the same mistakes from the past, the faster we can move forward. Blogging is a step towards a better future. If we give the gift of our unique insights we can help people come to better conclusions. The more we read and learn from each other, the more empathetic we can become, which will enable us to build a kinder. more beautiful world.

So if you feel inspired give blogging a try, it can be an incredibly fun and fulfilling activity.

Much Love

Naomi Leila Xx

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