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Why old toothbrushes rock?

This post is a bit more of a kookie one. But recently I've been getting a lot of use out of old toothbrushes, so I thought I'd share a few reasons why these trusty fellows should be kept alongside your other cleaning supplies.

1. Clean Hairbrushes - If you ever get hair or hair products stuck in your hairbrush then you really need an old toothbrush. To get your hairbrush sparkling like new; soak it in some hair conditioner, or body wash, pour on some baking soda and scrub the grime away with your new best friend the old toothbrush.

2. Clean Jewellery (especially rings and stones) - There is no need to spend an exorbitant amount on getting your rings polished. Once a week simply leave your ring in a cup filled with warm water and fairy liquid. Then after a bit of time (doesn't really matter how long - but I usually wait about an hour) grab your old toothbrush - (for this I use an old electric toothbrush head) and clean the stone gently with the electric toothbrush (preferably on a slightly more gentle setting) I find that having it be electric really helps get my rings looking cleaner and shinier ( don't forget to wipe the handle of the electric toothbrush once you're done and make sure to switch back to your clean toothbrush head because that could get naaasty if you forget)

3. Remove stains from socks - Have you ever put a pair of socks in the wash and wondered why the underside never gets clean enough? More often than not, the underside of our socks get so dark and horrible that a simple wash in the washing machine will not make much of a difference. So to get your socks looking more fresh, soak them in some water with the juice of 1 lemon for about an hour. Then grab a bar of soap and your old toothbrush. Rub the bottom of your sock with the bar of soap and then scrub off the dirt with the toothbrush. Rinse off the soap and dirt, then just pop them in the washing machine and Voilá you will have a pair of properly clean socks.

4. Clean keyboards - Often when we work it isn't uncommon to want a snack, or two. But this can impact the cleanliness of our keyboards. Combine this with the general accumulation of dust and dirt and you will need to clean your keys. Enter the old toothbrush and that problem vanishes. Simply turn off your computer/laptop, take a little bit of water on an old toothbrush (soap can damage the keys), brush it clean, then wipe it away with a cleaning cloth. Poof you have a clean keyboard once more.

I hope these little hacks help you with your general life upkeep.

Much Love

Naomi Leila Xx

P.p. It is better and I think probably more hygienic to use a different toothbrush for each of the above tasks

P.p.s. It also must be noted that if your toothbrush is really past it, chuck it.

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