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FIRED UP!!!!! :)

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I’ve spent the last couple of years in a haze. Erratic emotions of course often leading me astray, still trying and pursuing the never-ending journey of growth in one area of my life mainly. Along the way I’ve tried to grow and along the way I’ve had little successes and a tonne of setbacks.

But recently I’ve felt and I feel I want to step back and take back control in my life, to take care of myself and not just keep striving without achieving and not really having a goal or tangible outcomes, to really go to a deeper level and connect with myself, to what I believe in and want, to connect and to reach out to those I love and care about but have also neglected in my pursuit of chasing dreams that in fact become diminished if you are neglecting all the other aspects of your life.

I realise this path is not easy but I guess it wouldn’t be worthwhile if it were so (as my bro told me years ago).

So in this endeavour, I decided to write my blog again inspired by Steve Godin and a friend of mine who also started a blog recently.

I do this for no-one other than myself to observe what I’ve learnt and to see what I could learn and mark the occurrences of life. If people do get things out of me writing than that is even better because to share and learn knowledge is a beautiful gift.

My main lesson that I feel I have learnt and am really getting to grips with today is that you should not neglect anything you value, those you care about, those who care about you, the things you care about, yourself, your health, your wellbeing, your finance, your spirituality etc.

Don’t focus on one area so much that everything else around you crumbles because the crumbling pieces around you will affect that one area you were so focused on and evidently if you do not at least fail at your focused area (/dream) you will feel even if you achieve it remarkably sad because all the other areas of your life have grown into weeds, that are either too far damaged for you to do anything about or that will need so much care and attention that you won’t even know where to start.

I am fortunate enough to have learnt this lesson now when nothing in my life, thank G-d is beyond repair and I endeavour to strive to have a more balanced life, still striving but now working on all the aspects of my life from henceforth.

With all my best wishes for a brighter tomorrow

Naomi Leila :)


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