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Where do you place your value?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

We place so much value on what we do in life. It is important. I don't deny it or undervalue it. It can be a major factor in your satisfaction and joy in life. But it is not the only factor.

What if we had no vocation? There was nothing we could do, we could only simply be, what would your purpose be then? Would it matter that you didn't have a job?

Our essence, soul, personality, character, presence, who we are on a day to day basis is our most important factor in our joy and satisfaction in life. It is how we develop this part of ourselves that determines how happy we feel and how we turn up through life's ups and downs and ultimately makes our life worthwhile.

Yet rarely does learning how to grow and be a better person take centre stage to our lives in comparison with the dedication and attention we place on our careers. How often do we take time to introspect, to wonder how we could be a better person, how we could engage better, have better relationships, work on kindness, work on letting go, forgiveness....

Perhaps it is time to look deeper and place more value in our connections with ourselves and with other people around us then in the what we do and achieve or any material pursuit.

After all even if we became that olympic medalist or Oscar winner or top scientist, would you really want to be that person standing alone with only the cold metal to warm your heart?

The person that is only remembered for their achievements, but noone has a kind word to say about.

It's a pretty harsh, morbid picture in my eyes and one I certainly wouldn't wish for.

So I invite you, if you have or you haven't ever done it take some time out of your day, your week and do some delving into what kind of person you want to be? And try to adopt one thing to make you better and thus make the world a happier, better place just by working on improving your own being.

All my love and best wishes for you

Be a better version of you everyday

Naomi Leila :)


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