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The power of writing

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I came back to blogging relatively recently. Two people inspired me to do so, my friend who himself started writing a blog ( and Seth Godin who writes a blog everyday. It had been about a year and a half since I'd written on mine but I felt this aspect missing in my life and it saddened me.

As soon as I started typing it brought me relief. Here is somewhere I could shape my thoughts in a positive outlook. Yes I realise that a diary could work on this point but somehow that is somewhere I have a different outlook and it serves a different purpose. My blog is a place where I just wanted to write uplifting thoughts and try to frame what life was teaching me and by doing so have something I could reread and uplift my spirits when I am down or am thinking negatively. It serves as a reminder to myself to be better, think better and do better. If it serves that purpose for others to, I'm very happy I could help in anyway. But somehow I feel even just merely writing positively has a good effect. As soon as I write I feel a positive shift in my energy and I can then be more loving, open and more positive to all those around me. It's a beautiful circle and one I hope to continue for many a year and hopefully one I will get more consistent with too.

Writing is clarifying, it helps you collect yourself and establish what you want to think. It can also create whirlwinds of fantasies, it can release your demons, your sadness, express your happiness. It has the power to shape who you are just by the process of digging deeper and reflecting on your own life.

Writing can be a multitude of different things. It is one of the most powerful tools we have alongside speech and used well it can create new worlds for yourself and for others for the better. But don't take my word for it, you can try it too. It might help you too.

Lots of love

Naomi Leila :)


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