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Be a continuous learner - part 2 - 10 ways to integrate more learning into your life

In part 1 I wrote about how our world has changed and why it is important for us to keep learning. This week I want to offer you some ways that can help you learn more, on a day to day basis.

1. Ask questions - If you are unsure of something, don't pretend to know the answer, or just brush over it. If you do that, you miss an opportunity to learn. There is nothing shameful about not knowing things, we are human. Even the cleverest person on Earth's knowledge only equates to a speck of the universes knowledge. So whenever you don't know something, or if something's unclear ask questions. The more questions you ask the faster you will learn and the more you will expand your knowledge.

2. Make reading a habit - Reading books, magazines, articles etc. is a sure-fire way to really delve deeper into topics and it can really up your game when it comes to learning. To read more on the benefits of reading and how you can make more time for it you can read my blog: 'Make time to read'

3. Set learning goals - If you set a goal to learn x by a certain time it will help you achieve more, because you will be striving to achieve it. It won't just be something you say you will learn one-day. One-day is a venture that may never arrive. Whereas a planned out goal is something you are much more likely to achieve. Make sure to try and track your progress with that goal and over time, through self-analysis, you will reach your desired result.

4. Be social - Jim Rohn famously said 'You're the average of the five people you spend most of your time with'. While this may or may not be true. It is certainly fair to say that if you want to learn more about a particular field, if you socialise with people in that field, you will learn more. There is also always something to learn from everyone we encounter. There will always be something that someone else knows that we don't. So get inquisitive with everyone you meet and you will inevitably learn something new.

5. Try new things - If you step outside of your comfort zone, you create a chance to learn more, about different things, which will enable you to have a broader understanding of the world. Even the smallest step outside your comfort zone can make a difference. Even if it's going to a different restaurant than you normally go to. Mix things up and you may learn of a new dish that you love which inspires you. Be adventurous.

6. Watch videos and listen to podcasts - The magical world of the internet and YouTube has so many interesting videos and podcasts. They can help you explore almost any area. Utilise these resources. Put something on when you cook, or travel. This way you can incorporate learning while you do mundane activities.

7. Do courses or degrees (online/ offline) - Courses are a great way to focus and dedicate yourself to growth. By doing them we allow ourselves an opportunity to delve deeper and gain more understanding and expertise. We are so lucky that nowadays there are so many cheap and free courses available. For instance, future learn and Coursera do many free courses. And Skillshare has many courses which you can access for a very reasonable monthly fee

8. Attend/watch industry talks, seminars and documentaries - Again thanks to the internet there are many talks by professors, on many subjects. There are also so many informative documentaries on video streaming services, such as Netflix.

9. Prep your phone for learning - Install apps like duolingo, Quiz up, Ted and Complete ear trainer to keep you learning in your spare minutes. Examples of times when you might use these apps could include: travelling, waiting in a line, or other miscellaneous tasks. An extra tip to help you remember to use these apps is to make sure to put these apps on your homepage so you remember to use them.

10. Journal about what you’ve learned today - Harvard research found that workers who spent 15 minutes, at the end of the day, writing and reflecting on what they had learned that day, were 20 percent more productive than those who had not. Reflection helps to hardwire your learning and make it more available to your future self. Ask yourself what you’ve learned today, how it helped you and what you’ll do differently tomorrow. As they say in the Army: Plan, Do, Review. And if you have a spare moment teach someone else what you've learnt. If you do that you will strengthen your memory of it and potentially help someone too.

I hope that your wisdom expands everyday and you always continue to love learning.

Much Love

Naomi Leila Xx

P.s. What are some ways that you use to integrate learning into your life? Please leave me a comment below on, I'm always trying to learn more.

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