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Finding Dory - Life Lessons

Finding Dory is such a cute, adorable funny film! Definitely worthwhile watching but not just for it's fun plot and characters but for the sweet messages that are imbued throughout the film.

Here are some of the main messages I picked up on throughout the film. (Warning spoiler alerts)

1. There’s always another way. Throughout the film we see Dory and her friends face many curveballs. From being stuck in a tank, to being separated from her friends and family and to ending up in a sewer system where she can't remember the directions. There are so many wacky curveballs and hurdles in this film but Dory always holds onto this important message and knows that she can find a way out. She learns to think outside the box because she makes herself see the other options. She doesn't give into despair or hopelessness just because a situation looks bleak, she pushes through and discovers the solution. This is an invaluable lesson for us all. No matter what our situation is, 'there is always another way'. There is almost never just one path or solution. We just need to work harder and look at things from another perspective. A good technique to practice seeing multiple perspectives is to go visit art galleries. Seeing things from multiple perspectives is so important that it is now a requirement at some universities for students who are studying to become Doctors because it will help them treat patients better and more effectively. If they can see outside the box they may realise that one problem could in fact link to something they hadn't expected and potentially help save someones life. This way of looking at things is so helpful and we should try to nourish and encourage this way of thinking in our everyday lives as much as possible.

2. Just keep swimming - Dory and Hank the octopus get stuck in this tank where children are touching all the fish. They get scared and Hank says there is no other option but to stay hidden under the rock where the children can't reach them. And Dory says there must be another way. Suddenly, she remembers something her parents taught her. They told her to, 'just keep swimming' It didn't matter if she forgot and that she couldn't do or remember some things if she 'just kept swimming' she would be okay. Dory remembers this and decides that she and hank just need to keep swimming to escape the children. They do and because of this they escape. It teaches us that no matter how hard life becomes if we keep going, keep trying and doing we too will be okay and get through whatever hurdles we may face.

3. The best things happen by chance - Hank the Octopus (or rather Septopus:) wants to escape from the Centre and live in a glass box alone. He doesn't want to interact with anything. He wants to live in isolation and not take any risks or be pestered. We see throughout the movie though, that his character grows and through his chance meeting to Dory he builds a beautiful friendship and has an amazing adventure. We see that even though he had planned to do one thing, that plan was not nearly as beautiful as what actually turned out. We can’t live in a glass box and never venture out or try anything new. The most magical moments are the things that happen by chance. This is essentially a message to us to have courage and go outside our comfort zones and realise that it's okay if our plans don't work out the way we want them to because essentially chances are it could be better than we imagined and we could end up in a place which is better for us, even if it's somewhere we never thought we wanted to be.

4. You can do whatever you put your mind to despite limitations and hurdles - Dory has short term memory loss. It hinders her so much throughout her whole entire life, to the extent where she loses both her friends and family. But through sheer determination by herself she manages to piece things together and find her family and save her friends. It is such a stunning message of the power of determination. If despite our limitations we rise and keep trying and 'honour the struggle' (Brendon Burchard) we can find a way to accomplish whatever it is we set our minds to. And this act of pushing through even when things are rough builds strength of character and confidence. It is one of the most important things if we want to be proud of who we are.

I hope these messages serve you as a reminder that there is hope. Even if things look rough right now and you can't see a way out. Remember, 'there is always another way'. Maybe it won't turn out how you expected but the best things happen by chance and if you 'just keep swimming' you can do it!

Lots of Love

Naomi Leila

p.s. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie and if you found any secret messages in the film.

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