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How to balance daily life

Updated: May 3, 2021

Our lives consist of so many different aspects and facets. It can get pretty overwhelming and upsetting when we look at our lives and we realise we haven't contacted our friends in months because we've been so busy with work or vice versa. Perhaps, we've had a great social life but now our work is suffering because we are constantly glued to our phones. Maybe we've found the balance between these two but realise that we aren't as healthy as we'd like to be. There are so many areas of our lives to consider and pay attention to so how can we make sure that we feel that we're living a full life and don't feel bad for neglecting important aspects of our lives?

One way to start to address this is to realise what aspects our lives are made up of. According to Brendon Burchard there are 10: Family, Friends, Intimate relationship, Health, Mission, Hobby, Finance, Health, Emotion and spirituality. Maybe it's a little different for you but these for me seem to sum up almost all the areas of life that matter, except for I would count Altruism as a whole separate category. It can help us to assess these and see how our lives are faring in each category. Give each a mark out of 10 and see what needs work. This on a regular basis can help you get your life a little straighter just by being aware and conscious of what is and isn't working and what you need to improve on. This activity can also help you set goals (It is helpful to set yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals in order to really see effect) to achieve more balance.

One thing when planning my week ahead, after usually assessing my previous week, is to under each day of the following week create 3 columns: Work, Personal and Social. Under these columns I then put 3 dots and spread out weekly to dos based on my goals that I'd like to get done and work on. Within these 3 columns I kind of combine all of the above categories. I link my work column to my mission, my personal to my health, emotion, spirituality, hobbies and my Social column to friends, family, intimate relationships, altruism and work-related people I need to contact. After evenly spreading my goals through the week I usually have a few empty bullet points (goals) left empty which I find really helpful for random tasks that may occur. Now 9 goals in one day may sound like a lot and if that is maybe starting with 1 goal in each category may work better for you. But the point is that by grouping daily goals into different columns it is easier not to neglect so many areas in life anymore.

To me it is important that not only do I work on my mission but that I also take care of myself and look out for my loved ones. It is something that I have found really works well for me. Even on days when I don't get all 9 tasks done I still feel like I am working on a more holistic approach to life. I don't feel it's worth pushing and striving so hard on one area just to realise that you have 5 other areas of your life crumbling down. Eventually those areas will catch up to you and you will start to feel it affecting and rippling through even the areas you are focusing on. If you ignore an area of your life it doesn't just vanish. The neglect of it will only creates problems. One poorly neglected area can spread havoc on a life and your mindset. We can't have a perfect balanced life all the time but we can try to make sure that we are acting as our highest selves and looking after the things that matter to us.

I hope that this helps you find more balance. And I wish you luck in finding your way to managing the constant juggling act of life.

Much Love

Naomi Leila Xx

p.s. How do you find balance in your life? Do you have any tips or tricks in how you do so? If you do please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear your ideas.

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