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Simply Start

If you have a dream, or a goal, sometimes it can seem an impossibility to ever be able to achieve it. We can have so many thoughts that hinder us from even attempting our goals. We can go into the 'when then' mindset, 'when I have enough time/money...when I feel good...When I am more educated.....etc. etc. only then I will pursue my dreams' But waiting for the perfect moment, or circumstances to all magically align will never happen.

We all have thoughts and fears that make us resist doing what our hearts desire. Even people who are successful have them. These thoughts are common and rise again everyday to try and deter us from our dreams. They are sneaky. Even when we have overcome our self-doubt and thoughts of resistance, they come back the next day, morphed into a new beast to try and steer us off the path again.

There is no perfect scenario that will make us suddenly feel like embarking on the unsteady road to our dreams. The only way we can hope to achieve anything is just by starting. We need to be determined and stubborn to chase after our dreams. As the great author Steven Pressfield says, 'We need to steel ourselves against resistance'

We can enlist help from other people, which may help us feel supported and encouraged, but ultimately we are the ones who need to push past the wall of resistance. To do that we need to scrap all the excuses and just sit down to do it. But we can help ourselves a little before facing the beast of Resistance. We can set ourselves and our days up for success.

Here are 3 key practices that can help you minimise your resistance and set you up for success

1. Set a set time everyday to work on your goal. Turn off your notifications, minimise distractions, set a timer and just try to work. This action, if done consistently, can build up massively over time and help turn your dreams into a reality.

2. Set your environment up to remind you of your goals. A common example is to put your running shoes by your bed. This can encourage you to do exercise in the morning. I personally leave my yoga mat by my bed, my planner on my bedside table and my composition books on my piano so that I'm constantly reminded what I want to do.

3. Work on your goal first thing in the morning. This technique has helped me and some of my students practice more. So many excuses( be them valid or invalid) can come up during the day why we can't do 'x' but if we start with them before we look at our email/messages and before we start our work day, then we are much more likely to actually be able to beat resistance.

I wish you luck in your fight against resistance. I hope that you can beat it everyday and achieve your dreams.

Much Love

Naomi Leila Xx

p.s. If you have any extra tips, on how you fight resistance and set yourself up for success, please leave them in the comment section below. And if you like this post please press the heart button.

p.p.s. I made a playlist called, 'Empower' for motivation and encouragement. If you're feeling down, or need an extra boost to get you working at your goals give it a listen,

p.p.s If you want to dive deeper on this topic a book that is super motivating is, 'the War of Art' by Steven Pressfield. It is a must read for every creative person.

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