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Planting a seed

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

It's the middle of the night and I'm writing this because it's a message I feel is really beautiful and something I've been relearning recently,

'Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end' - Robin Sharma

Whenever you start something often the excitement for the challenge gives you momentum to keep going maybe for a few days, a week, a month, maybe even years but then suddenly you get stuck and everything starts to spiral downwards. You don't know if it's worth it, should you bother anymore, you'll never do such and such, you keep failing etc etc... This is when most people quit. Myself included, I have quit when things got 'too hard'. But really that is the point of growth. When things start getting hard that's not when we should give up that's when we need to keep working and wade through the tangles and see the beautiful horizon of our efforts at the end. Shawn Achor states that when we hit that hard point it's us resisting change because we are not used to feeling a different way so we go back to negative emotions and actions because that is what we're used to. When really this hard point is when we should realise that change is occurring and that is exciting.

Our ego will try and lure us away by telling us we are a failure, we've failed in the past so why carry on? It will tell us we can't do it, it won't make a difference even if we try our hardest... But none of this is true. It doesn't matter how many times you fail. Your willingness to change, to do better; that's what matters. That is what we need to hold onto because there is always a way back from any 'failure'. In fact, the mightier the fall, the more we can grow and become even better than we were before the fall because now we can learn from it. Sometimes the same 'fall' will happen over and over and it can be really painful. But it's just the universe telling us that we can learn from this & become better. That we need to see something differently. That we need to try to change, no matter how hard or long it will take.

I remember an analogy I learnt a few years back that said, 'when you water a plant for months you don't see anything, it seems like all of your efforts are going to waste. But in actual fact the plant is growing under the soil and we don't see it. When eventually it starts surfacing we suddenly see it shoots up and appears to grow really fast.' Well this is the same with facing any new change. Sometimes we don't see the benefit of our efforts for a long time but that doesn't mean nothing is happening. Our growth is planted deep within us and oneday when we least expect it, it will reveal itself and we will surprise ourselves by reaching that bliss point and achieving what we set out to.

I wish you luck with any seeds you wish to plant or tend to. Remember to be kind to yourself, beating yourself up won't help you get there faster. Growth is a journey and it's worth enjoying the ride.

All my love and best wishes

Keep learning, keep trying, keep growing

Naomi Leila Xx P.s. If you liked this post please press the heart button and become a member to never miss a post :)

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